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September 2011 - Reorganize, Reassess and Redefine Your Goals
As a Spinning® enthusiast, either at home or in class, you may have varied from your usual training schedule to ride, hike, swim or paddle outdoors this summer. Now, however, it’s back to school time and it is time to rethink, reorganize and restart your personal fitness plans and dedicate time to your own training. STAR 3 Spinning Instructor Linda Freeman explains why you should click into the pedals and get going this September.

August 2011 - Spinning® Fusion Workouts
The Spinning® program provides a great cardiovascular workout that builds endurance and trains the slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. However, it is also important to tap into other important components of physical fitness. Spinning Master Instructor Tami Reilly outlines ways to add strength training, functional training, core training and flexibility training to your Spinning workout with one simple technique: fusion.

July 2011 - Stretching Out After Spinning® Class
A Spinning® class isn’t over when you dismount the bike. Stretching is just as important as the ride itself and should not be underestimated as a necessary component of a Spinning class. STAR 3 Spinning instructor Cori Parks explains the many benefits of post-exercise stretch and how to do it properly.

June 2011 - Ride to Your Goals
Give your Spinning® training a new purpose with a motivating goal. By focusing your training on a specific short- or long-term challenge, you'll discover a new determination to hit the gym. STAR 3 Spinning instructor Linda Freeman tells us how establishing goals can be a great way for you and your fellow Spinning enthusiasts to support each other.

May 2011 - Gain Power with Spinning®
Want to become a stronger cyclist—indoors and out? By emphasizing technique, intensity and class structure, the Spinning program gives you the power you need to master the outdoor ride.

April 2011 - To Teach or Not To Teach?
Ever have that moment in a Spinning® class where you think, "Hey! I can do that!"? Certified Spinning instructor Denise Altschule shares what led her to take a Spinning Orientation and how she overcame her nerves as she taught her first Spinning class.

March 2011 - Escape with Spinning®
Want to escape the winter chill but don't want to break the bank—or your fitness routine? Here's a great perk of becoming a certified Spinning instructor. Get Master Instructor Sabrina Fairchild's expertise on how to put your teaching skills to good use by teaching Spinning classes and other fitness sessions in exotic locales!

February 2011 - Spinning® Loves Safety
The Spinning® program is designed to keep you safe while on the bike. STAR 3 Spinning instructor Cori Parks dives into why some movements are contraindicated and why what you see in other indoor cycling classes may not be so great for your body.

January 2011 - Find Success with Spinning®
Become a healthier, leaner, stronger and more confident YOU this year with Spinning! STAR 3 Spinning instructor Linda Freeman shares her successes with the five Spinning 8-Week Weight Loss Program sessions she led last year—continue reading to learn how you can have your own success story!

December 2010 - Helping Others All Year Long
Let the season of love and giving last all year long! Read on for an interview with Gearing Up founder Kristin Gavin to see how this non-profit is helping women in recovery get back on their feet through cycling.

November 2010 - 8 Weeks to a Healthier You!
Get geared up for the newly revised Spinning® 8-Week Weight Loss Program! In just 8 weeks, you'll learn exercise and diet tips that you can maintain for life. Read on for an exclusive Q&A with the 8-Week Weight Loss Program author, Jennifer Ward, as she dives into the components for successful weight loss, describes how the 8-week program was born, reflects on the program's success and much more!

October 2010 - My Journey toward Survivorship
As her journey to becoming a breast cancer survivor continues, STAR 3 Spinning® instructor Mary Dolbashian gives us a positive update on her progress. Read on for part two of her story and learn how she's keeping herself fit and healthy and inspiring fitness facilities to take a special interest in women going through treatments.

September 2010 - Heart Rate Monitors: A Reason to Train
Heart rate monitors are easy to use and an effective training tool that will help you see the results you want! For instant fitness feedback, strap on a heart rate monitor and hop on your Spinner bike. STAR 3 Spinning instructor Cori Parks outlines why heart rate monitors are a must-have item for every Spinning class.

August 2010 - Spinning® and Pregnancy
Spinning® classes provide an excellent low-impact workout that can actually help ward off many uncomfortable side effects while pregnant. Plus, just 30 minutes of exercise a few times a week can even help you cope with labor pains! Click through for some must-read guidelines from Spinning instructor Stephanie Kanowitz, who continued teaching her Spinning classes until a month before her daughter was born.

July 2010 - Don't Resist Resistance Work
An effective strength and conditioning program is the best way to improve your physical power, both on and off your Spinner®. Read on for some essential strength-training guidelines that will help keep you energized and strong in Spinning® classes.

June 2010 - Food Before AM Workouts
Should you eat before your morning workout? Your decision should be based on a variety of factors. Make an informed choice that works best for you and your body.

May 2010 - Pedal to Run Fast
Want to improve your long distance running performance? Spinning classes help you do just that. Learn how indoor cycling is a great way for runners to cross train.

April 2010 - The Importance of Hip Health
Proper care for our joints, especially our hips, is the key to a long, active lifestyle. Learn some important facts about hip health and why you should stress the importance of stretching after every workout to your students.

March 2010 - Become a Volunteer at WSSC 2010!
Thinking about attending WSSC this year? Why not volunteer! Long-time Spinning® fan, Bob Rebach, discusses why volunteering at WSSC is a no-brainer.

February 2010 - Raising the Bar with Spinning®
There are different options when it comes to indoor cycling certifications, but what separates the Spinning program from the rest? Cori Parks, STAR 3 Spinning instructor and certified Schwinn instructor, shares her experience.

January 2010 - Help Others Reach Weight Loss Success
Learn how the Spinning® program helped Kris of San Diego County, California finally conquer her weight loss battle and lose more than 100 pounds.

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