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To be a Spinning® instructor (coach) means that you are exposed to others, it does not matter what kind of role you have in life when you step in the Spinning room you are a coach responsible for your team. You lead the team towards goals that they have.

What are the qualities of the leaders? What motivates you to become and stay Spinning® instructor.  

Coach is a central figure in the process of training.  It depends on whether the development process and the results of training will be achieved.   Coach needs to have a theoretical knowledge, he must be expert and he needs to know have to forward this knowledge to students. During Spinning® clinic (orientation) you go thru what kind of person Spinning® instructor must be or at least tries to be: friendly, passionate, knowledgeable, communicative, smiling, professional, gives feedback and much more.

We also have different types of coaches: Positive and Negative

Positive coaches:

  • Supporter (offers an emotional support)
  • Mr. Cold (gives a smart and sensible advice, even when under stress)
  • Tourist (gives information , advises  to anyone)
  • Adviser (explains  why something is necessary)
  • Doctor (cares for the athlete's health)
  • Seller  (he motivates without force)


  • Insulter uses insults to motivate
  • Screamer thinks that success depends on the strength of screaming
  • Choker  in a crisis situation falls into shock and cannot keep the team together
  • Shaking trainer nervous and this is transmitted to the team
  • General  always the same tactic, no adjustment
  • Hero is always in the forefront, everyone knows that he is a coach 
  • Revenge  is superstitious, and in this way leads team

One of the most important things of a good leader is: INTEGRITY. Our words are consistent with the action. The point is not what we do but rather what we are. What we are depends of what we do. Often we want to motivate our members with the tricks, but the effect of such scams is short and shallow. People need to see a model. And you as a coach have to be a role model.

You can ask yourself 3 questions to check your Integrity

1) Are you the same person no matter with whom you are in company?
2) Do you choose what is better for others, even if the other choice for is easier for you?
3) Are you willing to acknowledge and say thanks the efforts of others?

Image is what people think we are, but integrity is what we actually are.

21  qualities of   LEADERS

  • CHARACTER – Be solid  as a rock
  • FASCINATING – first impression can seal your destiny 
  • COMMITMENT  -  separates   dreamers from those who take action 
  • COMMUNICATION – without communication you will be alone on your road 
  • PEOPLE FOLLOW  CAPEBLE PEOPLE capability  is ability to exceed the word 
  • COURAGE – one courage man represents the majority 
  • POWER OF FOCUS – the more you focus, the stronger you get
  • GENEROSITY –  your candle does not loss anything, if you share fire
  • GIVING SUGESSTIONS  – if you do not want to give suggestions stay at home
  • LISTENING – the way to the heart goes through  ears
  • ENTHUSIASSM – love your live 
  • POSITIVE APPROACH – if you believe in success,  than you will succeed 
  • JUDGEMENT  - away w it unsolved secrets 
  • SOLVING PROBLEMS – do not allow to have problems with problems 
  • RELATIONSHIPS – if you get along with people, they will follow you 
  • RESPONSIBILITY – if you do not dare to pick the ball, you cannot lead the team
  • CONFIDENCE : With different skills you  cannot hide  lack of confidence 
  • SELFDISCIPLINE – the first person you will lead is YOU 
  • COURTESY – if you want to progress, first take care of others 
  • LERANING – if you want lead, you need to learn each day 
  • VISION- you can achieve , what you can see it unsolved  secrets

There is a lot to learn, about you and work on it day by day.

“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile” Vince Lombardi






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