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Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 1

Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 1

Dear readers I will try as I best as i can to share a personal life experience with you!
This experience personally marked me and I consider a bucket list experience for every rider-cyclist.

Participation in ultra marathon France PARIS-BREST-PARIS.
The largest holdings of its kind event, and of course the most notorious.
1230 km - 6000 athletes - 80 hours.
I think the numbers speak for themselves.

Let's take things from the beginning.
How I got there and the preparation needed.

So we have to go back three years which was my first participation in such competitions. Eleusis-Lemonforest and back 300km.
Incredible experience, yet fatigue. Experiencing unimaginable situations and reach yourself to the limits, perhaps to surpass ...
The group unique and I say this because in this kind of events you are hanging out with teammates
And not consider them rivals. Everyone will help you if needed and everyone will be there when you bend to support you.

The idea to take part was when I and 2 friends of mine wanted to do ourselves a 400km route in 15 hours.
New for us but tempting because of the magic of the unknown.

That seed was planted inside me!!!
Then 200km, 300km, 5 x 200 km and the Kilometers were passing.
The K- seed (kilometers seed) was growing really fast. The Team had taken the decision about our target –Paris-Brest-Paris One of ​​the world's most popular Brevet
Cultivation started. Long Kilometer training had become habit and entertainment.
When you love the bike, you spent long hours without noticing it.
The fatigue always will ultimately become a pleasure and laughter.
You ride for relieving from stress, entertainment, peace of mind and many others always positive reasons.

Time was passing so fast and the seed of France was growing even bigger and one of my team mates was sharing the same seed
J .
We made plans for the feat of France.

Time passed and the speedometer read our kilometers unapproachable until 2 years ago for me. Endless bicycle hours and thousands of miles ... Lord companion music as in my island nobody deals with these kinds of events.

Time passed and the great feat was approaching. The rehearsal << Generale >> 1000km such as the 2010 Tour of Peloponnese. The experience almost no matches for such a great Race and both training not so well due to professional commitments.
Finally the experience unique, from any point of view. 59 hours bike day - night with four hours sleep and 35 degrees Celsius. Sunburned, exhausted but excited about the Result ...Winner at the longest race ever in Greece!

The Big Test before France had passed with big success.
Next Target Paris-Brest-Paris in France.
4 Qualification Races next year of 200, 300, 400 and 600km and then the Dream Race...

 The Story Continues ...
MI Evangelos Kastamoulas
Codename:The MileEater






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