Spinning® at Events


What a great start for the PeakPilates 2013 conferences. I was reminded why I love presenting so much this weekend at ECA NYC. The excitment and enthusiasm of the attendees was contageous. Their thirst for knowledge and open minds created the perfected environment for learning and sharing. In addition to getting to share new concepts and look deeply at the nitty gritty of Pilates, I was able to work and learn from my fellow Peak Pilates Master Instructors and fellow presenters. It is a joy to be part of a team that is comitted to excellence in education.


Last year at the DCAC conference Connie Borho and I were talking about ECA and how great it would be to do a session that explored the concept of shapes in space on the mat, reformer and chair. Zoey Trap joined us for this and I was honnored to co-present with two women I have learned so much from. The session was packed and it was incredible to see people's bodies changing as they moved through the stations exploring this important Pilates concept.


With such a great start to the 2013 convention circuit, I know it's going to be a fantastic year for Peak Pilates education.




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