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DCAC Virginia August 2012

DCAC Virginia is one of my most favorite conferences.  The participants are awesome and there are tons of sessions to choose from so everyone is happy!  It usually comes in the middle of the summer, so people are relaxed, yet ready to work hard...and they did!

This year was jammed packed of MadDogg Athletics sessions in BodyBlade, Spinning, Resist-a-Ball, SpinFitness small props, and Peak Pilates.  We also combined some of the divisions - specifically BodyBlade, props, and Peak Pilates into some very fun and challenging circuit workouts, with two or three MIs teaching.  The participants got great value and variety with the circulating teachers, and the teachers had a blast bringing different modalities together in one class.  

The Peak Pilates sessions were very popular...and the students were starving for good information!  In addition to the Mat Circuit and All Out Blast that combined our divisions, I also taught Pilates Plyometrics - Reformer Jumpboard first thing Friday morning, and those people were rocking the house!  They all worked very hard, and went home with some good blocks of choreography, some interesting theory, and a super workout.  I also taught Pilates on the Foam Roller: Achieving Symmetry to a packed room, which was interesting in that it was like domino game if someone fell over...But the students were good natured, and eager to learn how to incorporate this easy prop into their workouts.  Pilatesstick classes were popular, and had specific focus for teaching beginners with the 'stick and using the Pilatesstick for personal training in a more fitness-oriented setting.  Again, smart participants, great discussions, lots of learning.  

It was a great weekend!




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