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"January 2009, I was in a medical center with blurred vision. Come to find out, I was having a diabetic attack that affected my eyesight to the point where I just could not see at all. Once blood glucose levels were improved at the hospital, I did regain sight without any damage.

I was 6' 1" and 310 pounds. I started a Spinning class at the local YMCA to get off the needles and pills. I started off slow, but worked my way up to a six day routine of one hour classes; it became a habit. A year later, I am 275lb and pill/needle free."

Dennis B.

"My wife and I recently purchased one of your Spinner® FIT bikes. My wife Delia has been shopping around for an exercise program that would help her combat her weight problems. Well, your Spinner FIT bike was the answer and a dream come true. My wife has religiously used her new Spinner FIT and your DVD program, and has had dramatic results.

As you can see from the enclosed photographs, she has been able to lose a total of 50 pounds. Congratulations on manufacturing such fine products and delivering them prompty. We will certainly order more Spinning products in the future."

Ken H.

"I added Spinning to my life a few months after joining Weight Watchers in January 2009. I had lost about 20lb, but wanted to find an exercise I really enjoyed to bump up my results. I purchased several of Josh Taylor's workouts (a trainer at my gym recommended him), and I am very pleased with my results to date.

I have lost 67lb and lowered my resting heart rate to 60 BPM from 72 BPM. More importantly, I feel like a new person (and look like one too!). A big thank you to Spinning, and Josh Taylor in particular, for keeping me motivated on this amazing journey."

Frances T.


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About Our Exercise Bikes


Looking for an exercise bike? Ride your way to physical excellence with Spinning, and revolutionize your boring exercise routine. Spinning carries a wide array of exercise bikes, which incorporate the most state-of-the-art technologies. Just check out exercise bike reviews to see what customers are saying, and find out why Spinning bikes are your ultimate fitness solution.

Our exercise bikes are built to the most meticulous specifications, with sleek designs, easy adjustability, unparalleled Q-factor, and countless custom ride combinations. Don't settle for inferior bikes. You'll notice the Spinning difference as soon as you sit down. Perhaps that's why our customers express such glowing satisfaction in our exercise bike reviews, and why so many people are switching from their tired old bikes to the Spinning revolution.

Each Spinning exercise bike includes free DVDs to keep your motivated, and your purchase also includes free shipping. You will even receive a detailed weight loss manual to help you meet your fitness goals in a shorter time than you ever thought possible. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned spinner, our exercise bikes will provide you with an intense and invigorating challenge to ensure that each ride is fresh and fun.