Week of 5/29/2015

Track Number Song Name Artist Purchase Time
1 Cheap Beat #41 Hip Hop Beats 3:32
2 Best Song Ever One Direction 3:22
3 Sail (edition Analogue) AWOLNATION 4:19
4 All Night Icona Pop 3:07
5 On The Floor ft. Pitbull Jennifer Lopez 4:44
6 Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus 3:41
7 Tainted Love Marilyn Manson 3:20
8 Must Save the Day ft. Robin Skouteris Alexia Vassiliou 5:37
9 Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais...) Lana Del Rey 4:25
10 A Light That Never Comes Linkin Park 3:48
11 Against The Wind Bob Seger 5:33

Ride Description: This is a high intensity playlist, perfectly suitable to combine all of the Energy Zones, with songs specifically geared for Sprints, Climbs, Intervals and Jumps.

Submitted by certified Spinning instructor Bill Grant, Putney, VT.

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