Ride Description: Aerobic Journey ‐ This is not your traditional Endurance Energy Zone ride. You will visit small hills that bring your heart rate to the top of the heart rate parameters for this Energy Zone ride. The goal is to hold your heart rate in a five beat window throughout each segment.

Submitted by certified Spinning® Instructor Ralph Mlady Parma, Ohio

Track Number Song Artist Album Length
1 Reel Around the Sun Bill Whalen Riverdance 8:41
2 Desert Wind Banco de Gaia Tantra Lounge 5:29
3 Remembrance Delerium Karma 7:29
4 Yulunga (Spirit Dance) Dead Can Dance Wake 6:57
5 In the Air Tonight (remix) Phil Collins Face Value 5:33
6 Not Exactly Deadmau5 Random Album Title 8:00
7 Long Way Back Soundlift Long Way Back 7:06
8 Solitude Schiller Voyage 4:43
9 Inertia Creeps Massive Attack Mezzanine 5:57
10 One Perfect Sunrise Orbital Blue Album 8:45
11 Gold Russ Landau Survivor Soundtrack 3:09
12 Siesta Del Sol In Credo Ibiza Chillout Top 50 4:58
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