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Strength Energy Zone

Workshop Summary

Seated and standing climbs, the main terrains of the Strength Energy Zone™, provide challenging muscular endurance work for the lower body. The cardiovascular system is also challenged in this Energy Zone because it includes both aerobic and anaerobic work. By learning to develop Strength Energy Zone ride profiles, your students will soon be climbing with more power, strength and mental stamina.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Identify components of the Strength Energy Zone™.
  2. Identify benefits of the Strength Energy Zone.
  3. Review tools for increased climbing efficiency.
  4. Discuss how to design a Strength Energy Zone class.
  5. Identify the physical and mental aspects of Strength Energy Zone.
  6. Review how to program the Strength Energy Zone.
  7. Experience a 40-minute Strength Energy Zone class.

Workshop Details

The Strength Energy Zone™ will improve muscular endurance, enhance cardiovascular fitness, strengthen tendons and ligaments and develop mental strength. This Energy Zone is especially useful because it includes both aerobic (75%—80%) and anaerobic threshold (80%—85%) work.


Continuing Education: 3.0 SPIN® CECs > 1.5 AFAA CEUs > .2 ACE CECs>

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