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Spinning® Quarterly
Stay updated with the latest news, facts, tips and tools you need to fuel your club's success and maximize your students’ results with Spinning® Quarterly, a quarterly newsletter for Official Spinning facilities. We welcome feedback and suggestions at news@spinning.com.

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  • October 2014 - Featured Global Ride: Josh Taylor's Ghost Ride
    Ghost Ride is all about confronting the ghosts that haunt us deep within. The specter of doubt and fear. That’s what riders were able to defeat at Ghost Ride, led by Josh Taylor, during this year’s WSSC (World Spinning® and Sports Conditioning) Conference in Miami, Florida. Check out our beautiful slide show, recap of the ride, and video by clicking below.

  • July 2014 - How to Keep Spinning® Comfortable
    New to Spinning® classes? Here are a few recommendations to overcome those initial discomforts new riders may experience riding in their first Spinning class.

  • February 2014 - 'Watt's' It All About
    You love your Spinning® classes and love teaching too. You have probably managed to get 15-20% of your riders to wear heart rate monitors but the rest of your class are quite happy to just rate their perceived exertion in order to gauge their intensity. The challenge we, as instructors, will always face is providing real results to our riders. Yes, initially results do come thick and fast if Spinning is a new form of exercise, but then the dreaded plateau shows its face and no matter how to try to guide them to eat right, and hit the right heart rate or RPE, their results don’t shine through as they once did. For some riders this leveling off can have a great effect on their performance and goal setting, not to mention confidence.

  • October 2013 - Marketing Your Spinning® Program
    Running a Spinning® Program is serious business as well as a lot of fun. Individuals come to fitness facilities with a variety of goals—many join with the hope of losing weight, others join to become and stay fit, while others enjoy the social aspect of group exercise. Your first goal should be to help your members achieve their goals.

  • July 2013 - Light Your Way to Increased Profits
    It's no coincidence that top restaurant owners hire lighting designers as well as world-class chefs, and the overall dining experience is what creates loyal customers. Your studio is similar to a restaurant, and the rides you "serve" will taste better in an environment that creates intimacy, energy, empowerment and, yes, loyalty. Read on to learn more about how indoor studio lighting can improve profits from Barbara Hoots, owner of Indoor Cycling Design.

  • April 2013 - Instructor Evaluations
    Most businesses have systems in place to gauge employee performance and provide feedback in order to facilitate improved skill sets. This basic review process should be instituted in any company dealing directly with consumers in order to render improved service and thus customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction means customer retention—one of the most important goals of any company. Read on to learn more about the importance of conducting regular performance reviews of your instructors from Spinning® Master Instructor Luciana Marcial-Vincion, M.A.

  • January 2013 - A Year of Resolutions
    It's not uncommon for your members' New Year's resolutions to fall by the wayside only a few weeks in to the new year. Instead of making a year-long commitment only at the beginning of the year, why not encourage them to make smaller resolutions all year long? Read on to learn more about how to plan a year of resolutions to help your members successfully reach their fitness goals each month.

  • November 2012 - Offer an Introduction to Spinning® Workshop to Build and Sustain Your Spinning Program
    A Spinning studio can be intimidating and scary for first-timers. As much as we value our current participants, we also know that the key to the success of any program is growth. Read on to learn how offering an introductory Spinning workshop at your facility can be very beneficial in building the Spinning program at your facility from STAR 3 Spinning instructor Linda Freeman.

  • August 2012 - From the Studio to the Road
    The Spinning® program is an excellent means to achieve and maintain general fitness and many people acknowledge Spinning class to be a great alternative to riding a “real” bike. But what some don’t realize is that Spinning training is the real thing...so why not take your members outdoors? Read on to learn how STAR 3 Spinning instructor Linda Freeman gave her Spinning students and other members of her facility the opportunity to ride as a group outside so they could see and feel for themselves how the Spinning program and outdoor cycling are one in the same.

  • May 2012 - Success With the Spinning® 8-Week Grand Tour Program
    STAR 3 Spinning Instructor Linda Freeman was amazed by the results of the new Spinning 8-Week Grand Tour Program after she led a group at her facility, First in Fitness in Vermont. "This is a training plan that provides a grand tour of Spinning training at its best and most effective," Linda says. Read on to learn more about this new program and how it changed the lives of Linda's students.

  • January 2012 - The Spinning® Concept
    The indoor cycling journey starts with Spinning®. Everybody knows the Spinning program doesn't just stand out because of its top-of-the-line Spinner® bikes. Being a part of the Spinning program means more than just getting great bikes, and it means more than just getting a certification from the industry leader in indoor cycling. Read on to learn more about The Spinning Concept, and find out what the Spinning program can do to benefit your facility.

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