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Spin Membership Benefits & Resources

Get all the essantial Spinning® instructor tools & resources!

The Spinning® Program Instructor Network (SPIN) was designed specifically for certified Spinning® instructors seeking high quality continuing education and fitness tools from the creators of indoor cycling.

With over 20,000 SPIN® members, our strong network of professionals are connected by the same mission of shaping up people from all corners of the earth - one ride at a time.

Be a SPIN® member and you'll continually develop your knowledge and value as a professional instructor and enjoy essential tools and resources to keep you inspired, informed and ahead of the pack!

SPIN® Member Benefits & Resources:
Spinning® certification renewal fee waived. Current SPIN® members receive a renewal fee waiver - you'll save $69.95 at renewal time! (14 SPIN® CECs needed every two years to be eligible for renewal).
Monthly Spinning® class profiles. Planning your classes will be a breeze with our monthly profiles.
Great discounts on Spinning® gear and equipment. Get discounts on everything from shoes, shorts, jerseys, to Spinner® bikes and accessories and be fully equipped.
More discounts on a wide array of fitness products. Receive member-only discounts on equipment, apparel and accessories from our large list of program participants and affiliates.
SPIN® member monthly specials. Take advantage of exclusive monthly offers on apparel, products and education in addition to your SPIN® membership discount.
Valuable discounts on education and events. Keep learning with a wide variety of continuing education and fitness events.
Education refreshers. Refresh your knowledge and sharpen your skills by re-taking previously completed orientations and workshops for FREE.

SPIN® Membership Program Participants & Affiliates

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