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Loops and Ladders

Workshop Summary

Loops and ladders are two creative ride profile themes that can keep your classes engaging and challenging. Learn to use a variety of aerobic and anaerobic loops and ladders options to design rides focusing on cadence building, resistance loading, transition practice, or interval training. You’ll come away from this workshop with pre-designed profiles, and the knowledge you need to create your own.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Understand two effective Spinning class profile techniques: loops and ladders.
  2. Describe the benefits of each technique.
  3. Identify which Energy Zones™ are applicable for each technique.
  4. Examine three sample profiles.
  5. Experience a 40-minute ride with a loops and ladders profile.

Workshop Details

Loops are a fun way to structure your training sessions, and they provide a variety of opportunities for targeting different skill sets and Energy ZonesTM. As the name suggests, loops incorporate multiple riding positions that are performed in a sequence—riders execute the series, then “loop” back around to repeat the sequence, often with one change such as an increase in resistance or a decrease in cadence.


Ladders are another creative ride profile theme that you can use to keep your classes engaging and challenging. Ladders are a type of interval training in which riders progressively increase either the time or difficulty of an interval. These rides can go both up and back down the ladder. You can use one movement per song, or create split profiles in which you use two movements per song.

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