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Interval Energy Zone

Workshop Summary

Perhaps the favorite Energy Zone of Spinning instructors and enthusiasts alike, the Interval EZ is where fitness gains really take place. After developing an aerobic base, interval training is a critical factor in improving fitness level, enhancing performance or even changing one's metabolism. This workshop defines three types of Interval EZ rides: aerobic, aerobic/anaerobic and anaerobic, and describes work-to-rest ratios for each. You will learn to develop ride profiles using workout progressions and Spinning language to create motivating, challenging Interval Energy Zone rides.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Define interval training.
  2. Explain the physiological responses.
  3. Review the five interval training variables.
  4. Define the three types of interval training.
  5. Develop interval workout progressions.
  6. Review sample interval workout schemes.
  7. Review work-to-rest ratios for intervals.

Workshop Details

To recognize the importance of developing an aerobic foundation and balancing the application of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, the Spinning® program divides workout formats into five categories called Energy Zones™, which are: Recovery, Endurance, Strength, Interval and Race Day. When you conduct workouts according to the Energy Zone guidelines, you offer the appropriate training session for the various exercise needs of your students. Interval training is a form of endurance training, and is essential to anyone interested in improving their fitness level, enhancing performance, or even changing their metabolism. The goal of training in the Interval Energy Zone is to develop the ability to recover quickly after work efforts. It also helps to develop speed, tempo, timing and rhythm.


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