Spinning® Host Incentive Program

As an Official Spinning Facility, you are eligible to participate in the Spinning Host Incentive program. Earn complimentary registrations or cash awards when you host an Orientations and / or workshop.

  • Earning Complimentary Registrations*
    • When Spinning® receives 10 paid registrations (at full price) for your hosted workshop or Orientation, you will receive one free registration** plus course materials for that workshop.
    • After 20 paid registrations***, you are eligible for two free registrations.
  • Earning Cash Awards
    • For Spinning Instructor Trainings only, a cash award is another option. Cash awards will be paid based on the scale below, approximately 45 business days after the event date.
    • 10 to 14 paid registrations: $175 cash award
    • 15 to 19 paid registrations: $300 cash award
    • 20 to 24 paid registrations: $450 cash award
    • 25 or more paid registrations: $625 cash award

* Complimentary registrations may not be saved for future workshops.
** Requires a total of 12 bikes, as you will need one for the instructor and one for the comp.
*** Requires a total of 23 bikes, one for the instructor and two for the comps.

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