Spinning® Continuing Education FAQ

The following are common questions relating to Spinning® continuing education. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us anytime.


What is Continuing Education?

Continuing education is professional learning that follows the basic level of certification for professionals in a given field. It helps them to be knowledgeable and proficient, and is typically required to maintain certifications and licenses in any profession that involves public trust.


What are SPIN® CECs?

SPIN® CECs are the Continuing Education Credits you earn after getting certified. When you become a certified Spinning instructor, you have two years from the date of Orientation to earn a minimum of 14 SPIN® CECs. Each hour of continuing education is worth .5 – 1.5 SPIN® CECs, depending upon the course. For example, rides without lectures typically award .5 SPIN® CECs per hour. Workshops typically award 1.5 SPIN® CECs per hour because they include take-home learning activities. You'll earn 6 SPIN® CECs for each 4-hour Spinning workshop, and 3 SPIN® CECs for each 2-hour Spinning workshop. To earn SPIN® CECs without leaving home, you can earn 1 STAR point for each newsletter quiz you complete, and 5-6 SPIN® CECs for each home study or online course. There are also extensive Recertification courses that award all 14 SPIN® CECs.


How do I get started?

We offer a variety of continuing education options: workshops, home studies, online courses, fitness conferences and newsletter quizzes. Visit the Continuing Education page to browse the options, or the Find Workshops and Events page to search for an upcoming workshop.


Can I earn CECs for other organizations by completing Spinning courses?

Yes, most Spinning workshops and courses award credits for ACE and AFAA, and the Orientation also awards NASM credit. Each course description will state the number of credits for that course.


Can I earn SPIN® CECs for continuing education through organizations other than Mad Dogg Athletics?

Yes, you can petition to receive credit for other workshops and courses. Of course, the course content needs to be directly applicable to your role as a Spinning instructor, and the course instructor must be qualified. Learn more about Petitions here.


What is the fee to renew my certification?

The certification renewal fee is waived if you’re a current SPIN® member. Otherwise, it’s $69.95. If you renew your SPIN membership and certification at the same time, you pay just $30 over the standard certification renewal fee, and receive a free online course, plus a package of Spinning freebies. You’ll also get 15–20% discounts on Spinning apparel and education every day. Learn more about certification renewal here.


Can I submit my CPR and First Aid cards for SPIN® CECs?

Yes, you can earn 0.5 SPIN® CECs for CPR and 0.5 SPIN® CECs for First Aid; however, the certifications must be current and earned during your two-year certification period.


What are the requirements and steps to become a Spinning® Master Instructor?

To become a Spinning Master Instructor you must: be a STAR 3/Level III Spinning® Instructor; hold current certifications with ACE, AFAA or have a 4-year degree in an exercise science field (because we are CEC/CEU providers for those two organizations); be currently teaching Spinning classes; have at least three years’ experience; complete at least three Spinning continuing education courses; and have thorough knowledge of the Spinning program’s bike setup and safety guidelines, movements, terminology and contraindications. Mad Dogg Athletics recruits Master Instructors every 3-5 years, depending on global needs, and we advertise the opportunity via email and newsletter memos. Sorry, we do not accept applications outside of recruiting season, so please make sure your email address is current so you are on our email list when recruiting season comes back around.


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