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You Can't Pull a Posada!

Message - you have to be on. You can't mail it in! Know the story about Yankee player Jorge Posada? He was in the lineup a week ago and basically told his manager that he wasn't feeling it so he wanted to take the day off. WTF is that?! He gets paid gobs of money to play and fans come to see him play. Play! Fans don't care if he is tired, bored, hungry, stressed by work or family. Well, neither does your class! As instructors, we have all had off days. But don't let your baggage be your rider's baggage. You are there to give them their money's worth. You show, you go! I heard an instructor earlier this week (not SPINNING, some other weasle) tell their class how tired they were. What kind of reaction do you think that created? Do you think that made the class have more energy? You should be thankful you can teach. You should be bringing energy, power and inspiration to every class. If your class can tell that you are tired, not recovered, stressed or distracted then you suck. One of the characteristics of a good coach is that seem even-balanced most of the time. It is apparent they are there not for themselves, but for others. If you got issues, fine. We all do. Leave them outside the SPINNING room. Pick them up when you are done slaying the class. It may actually be good for YOU to detach from your issues and release with a good coaching session. You will always feel better after. When you hit "play" on the IPod, you PLAY!



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