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You Are Dense

One of my athletes asked me..."so rice is not healthy?" F no! What about whole grain toast in the morning? F no! C'mon now peeps. I have to be honest with you on this - every morsel you stick in your pie hole should have a nutrient-dense value to it. Ask yourself how dense is the makeup of vitamin, mineral or nutrient in the food I am eating. Less dense = unwanted calories = potential for weight gain = you won't be lean. Let me just put this out there. What is not a nutrient dense foodstuff? Sorry because what some of you are about to read is going to cause you a rash...remember, nutrient dense. What we're looking for are foods that have a high value of nutritious composition. Pasta, rice (white and brown), breads, grains, milk/yogurt, sodas, processed foods, chips, "energy bars", bakery items (including bagels, croissants, scones, muffins) and fruit juices, dried fruits, fruit rolls and anything "fruity" that is not the fruit! What is nutrient dense and high octane fuel? Me likey this category... Lean, grass-fed meat, wild fish, organic/free range chicken, bison (especially bison!), eggs, bacon (you bet if it's all natural), avocados, seasonal veggies, fruit (especially berries), olives, olive oil and nuts (not peanuts, they are not nuts). Go nutrient dense for 30 days and watch what happens! After that, mix in a "cheat" meal (pizza, whatever) 2-3 days a month. Sugar cravings, gone. Energy, up. Fat, gone. Performance, improved. Sleep, better. Potential, increased. Libido, oh yeah... Get lean. Feel powerful. Eat this way and get dense.



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