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I have been presenting at WSSC's since 1999 and they are always inspiring for both the presenters and the attendees. This year, for the first time, I will be attending as an assistant to another presenter. Instead of teaching workshops, I will be volunteering my time. It has been over a decade since I merely attended a conference without the responsibility of creating outlines, powerpoint and choosing music. I am looking forward to a whole different experience! Over the years, WSSC has gone from offering workshops and lectures on Spinning®, running, auqa and kickboxing to a conference that includes our other brands of Resist-a-ball®, Peak Pilates® and Bodyblade® as well as outside brands and vendors, such as Kettlebells, Yogafit® and Zumba®. There are so many options now and that is great because most Spinning instructors do venture into other areas of teaching and our conference offers a safe and supportive atmosphere to explore these other areas. Friday is going to be a very fun day, so be on the alert for a special event mid day. Definitely attend the Friday night ride, and get your shopping done early in the boutique. There will be new bikes unveiled and the presenters themselves are going to school to learn about the new program which will include watts coming out later this year.



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