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WSSC. Are you going?

I?ll answer my own question. No. I?m not going. Not this year anyway. I know, for all the reasons not to go, there are dozens of reasons TO go. But, its just not gonna happen. So, I tell myself, get over it and see what else you can do. I have friends and co-instructors who are already packing their bags. Plan #1 is to pick their brains when they get back. Have you ever talked with anyone who has gone to WSSC? If you have, you know the look. They come back with a glow. They are pumped, full of new ideas, renewed energy, sparked creativity and having had lots of fun. When groups go together, there is always that wonderful sense of familiarity ? of shared experiences. Plan #2 is to take advantage of all the hype and information that will be liberally distributed both before and after WSSC. I look forward to reading blog posts, forum comments, announcements and recaps. If you are like me and won?t be able to physically attend WSSC, we can be sure to ?tune in? ? be aware of what is happening many states away during that first week in June and experience second and third-hand some of the event?s highlights or pick up on some of the valuable tidbits that will be floating in cyberspace. As instructors we run the risk of depletion. We put huge effort and energy into designing, planning and then teaching our classes. We are human. We fatigue. We run out of ideas. BUT, we don?t need to reinvent the wheel. As instructors, we share a bond. We share goals and we test means to reach those goals. We support, sustain and encourage each other through words and actions. We do not need to be sitting on a bike next to another instructor to realize the benefits of being part of the Spinning® community. Yes, you?ve felt it. You?ve been in a huge venue with hundreds of bikes and felt the surge of power that comes from unity ? multiple and miscellaneous riders all trying to reach similar goals. If not, you?ve been in a class that ?clicks? ? a class in which the focus is on and the participants ?get it.? These are memorable moments ? moments that remind us to keep going. Moments that provide a taste of that which we want to devour. If you have read my previous blog posts, you know that my event is Boston Balance. I have attended two and will probably continue to refuel in Boston every fall until I can no longer remain upright on a Spinner®! Boston is manageable for me and the size is perfect ? not too big and not too small. There?s an intimacy to Boston that touches me. Each year I have connected with Master Instructors who have continued to be a part of my Spinning® life through email and phone conversations since I have had the privilege of meeting them. Each year I enhance my understanding of Spinning® training and experience powerful rides and intense learning. This past year, for example, I was staggered by Josh Taylor?s ride, ?300?, deeply moved by Donna Minotti?s ?Healing Journey?, and exhilarated by Caroline Dawson?s RDEZ session. Now, this is the space in which WSSC comes into my personal picture. Merely contemplating WSSC, even though I will not be able to attend, rekindles the fires from Boston. Considering the sessions at WSSC reminds me of the many continuing education workshops in which we can participate throughout the year. Simply pondering WSSC makes me appreciate anew the depth of what we are trying to accomplish and the wealth of tools with which we are supplied to work on our tasks. Wow, I?m excited just thinking about it! So ? if you are going to WSSC, ride one for me, will you? Bring home some good stuff to share. And, have a blast! Blog posted by Linda Freeman for 3-12-2011.



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