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Workout Buddies--just a blog post to start!

One of the articles I will be writing for this site will be about the benefits of a workout buddy. As I am writing that article, though, it made me reflect personally on what a workout buddy really can mean to me.

My first experience with a workout buddy was someone who I had come to think of as a “little sister” when I lived in California.  At the time (way back when) I was a graduate student and she had taken a class that I taught.  Agnes was also ROTC so she was military bound.  Now, you’re thinking, “Oh man, talk about intensity – she worked out with someone who was army bound?”.  Agnes and I started out taking classes together at the gym. She worked out hard, and I tried to keep up. Then we decided that it might be good for us to work out as partners and lift together, since the gym’s interval classes had us using lower weights with higher reps, and we wanted to push our weight lifting limits.  It was awesome.  Watching her load up on weight for leg presses pushed me to do more. Her standing beside me saying, “You can do it, June!” helped me to get through those last agonizing reps—reps I know I would have given up on if I had done it on my own. In short, having someone there was great. Not only as a cheerleader, but also knowing that if I were to start to really falter, she was there as my spotter and could jump in to help me with that last failing rep.

I do, though, get that no everyone likes to work out with someone, but am never really sure of the reasons...for those of you who like to train solo, would you care to share why that is?




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