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What if you've got shorter legs?

I think it becomes very unfortunate that students who are below a certain height just cannot take a Spinning class at my facility. I have had shorter students tell me that somehow the bike does not fit correctly, and then when I do try to check their settings I find that they are indeed correct; they cannot have the right amount of extension in the downward pedal stroke or their reach (from saddle to handlebars) just is not long enough. These students have tried to muddle their way through a few classes and then begin to realize something is ?off? as they just cannot seem to get comfortable on the bike (we all know it takes a couple classes to get used to the bike saddle!). I know that with taller students, some facilities have handlebar extensions that then allow longer-limbed taller students can use comfortably but are there any modifications to the bike for shorter students who take classes? Or, are these folks relegated to being unable to take these classes? ?June



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