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What goes around comes around....




Like the wheel on the Spinner® what we put out we receive - a continuous flow of energy.

Often in life many people may respond or know of this in a negative sense. If you are grumpy with some body it is likely they will be short and grumpy back to you.

But what about when you smile at somebody who is grumpy and you are committed to not allowing their negative energy to squash your mood?

Admittedly it can be a little tougher but if you are steadfast in your conviction and remove any attachment to their hostility, you have the ability to be unaffected by their mood. Our reaction to their negativity is our choice. We cannot control their behaviour but we can control our own.


As instructors we hope that we bring enjoyment into people days through assisting them in gaining fitness. We believe the Spinning® environment gives them an outlet; a haven even where they can release, let go, re find or silence a noisy head. Alternatively some want to be distracted and guided the entire way. They are there to do nothing more than sweat and work hard – no mental stuff please!!! This is their prerogative and their choice because it is after all their ride.


For those of us that believe in the program and its philosophy of a true mind and body connection the ‘go hard or go home fraternity and don’t talk to me about the touchy feely crap’ can be challenging. For many of us we know the amazing transformational power when you connect internally to the ride and experience and want to share. To a Spinning® instructor who is on the path the ride is more that just a sweat fest and therefore it can be unnerving to have participants in our room that are not in the flow. The ones that are disconnected, that won’t listen and that may even have bad form even with your attempts at correcting them.  They have their own agenda and it is as far from ours as possible. In these situations we think that it is somehow or something that we have done or not done.


So what to do?


My suggestion is to first gain some perspective and then be like a monk.  Allow me to explain.


We have all experienced the beautiful riders. The people that thank us at the end of the class and give us the acknowledgment and feed back that they are in fact listening and appreciate all our ramblings. But as with the ride just like life, there are bound to be bumps.


What would life be without some bumps along the way? Boring!


The disconnected; the chatty; the people who will not come on board the mind body train are sent to us to teach us and they are gifts. They are our daily life lessons. They test us and give us an opportunity to work on our skills at becoming a better teacher.


If life were always easy then how would we know when times were wonderful?


It is only through adversity that once we have moved through to the other side that we can say:


“That was tough but isn’t this now amazing. Thank you!”


If it wasn’t for the grumpy and seemingly uncooperative rider in our class then how could we appreciate how disciplined, focused and connected our other riders were? In life we need parameters to compare but we also need to have perspective.


What you think is hot is your subjective opinion of hot. And you know it as hot because you know what it is to feel cold. But if you stopped feeling cold – would the hot still feel as hot as before?

Currently I am in Bali (yay J ) – the day I got off the plane it felt stifling hot not necessarily because it was actually that hot but because I’d come from the weather at home which was cold. Now after 4 days here it feels lovely. The weather is exactly the same however my perspective has changed because I have forgotten how cold it is back home. Therefore my belief about hot has changed due to my current experience. My reality is totally subjective based on my recent experience.


Are you still with me?


So let us return to the grumpy rider that turns up to your class. How grumpy is the grumpy rider? Well that depends on how amazing the rest of your riders are.

If you have a wonderful class that are all connected and focused then the disconnected rider will stand out more. Just like the hot seemed hotter after the cold.


Being aware then that he only seems like a disturbance because we are creating that reality in our minds is a start. Then if we review our own attachment to how people receive our classes this is when we can attempt to behave like the monk. The Buddhist philosophy of non attachment is accepting what is -  it is neither good nor bad but simply is. Especially if you have tried to connect with that person, tried to adjust their form but they give you nothing positive in return – it is time to let go.


Allow that persons negativity to flow through and around you like water.  A pebble dropping in a pond and allowing the ripple to slowly dissipate calmly and gently until the water is still again. You are doing your best and you have the interest of your class as your foremost priority. Therefore as long as your intentions are honourable you can choose  to not allow the disconnected students to affect you and the supportive energy you are projecting to the rest of the group. 


Accepting that some people are there simply to smash themselves; that they may not get what you are on about but they still show up – You may be the instructor but that is their choice and we need to accept and respect it even if we do not agree with it.


The old saying “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink”

We do our best and sometimes it just isn’t enough for some people and that is okay. It is normal and not everybody will adore you and your classes all the time. We take on any feedback to improve our skills – absolutely! But for the rest of the time be sure not to forget all the wonderful work you do and try not to let the one Negative-Nelly affect your positive flow.


And in the extreme case when you have a group of disconnected riders…well they are tough days. But that’s when we look for the tiny glimmer of light and hope. That if your words are true to yourself, our philosophy and the program then I can guarantee your words will be heard, they will help and they may even heal just one persons’ soul. Then your 40 minutes of turbulence will have been totally worth it.


It is through these difficult times that we appreciate the good.


Give thanks for the bad days because they allow us to enjoy the good ones even more. Every obstacle wether it be in our classes or in life are not sent to punish us but they are beautifully gift wrapped in messages and lessons. If you just tear off the paper in haste angry at the world for making things tough you will miss the valuable opportunity for growth. But if we value the grumpy riders and the broken microphones in our classes or the heartache in our daily life – well then we will move forward with dignity and wisdom.


Until next week kids….Laugh lots and ride happy. 






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