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What does a recovery day mean to you?

When I was younger, I found that I could easily work out six out of seven days a week, even working out twice some days of the week.  However, as I've aged, that has changed a bit. I definitely continue to love the facilities I belong to, and the classes that I take--and I don't think that I have become out of shape by any means...but I think that age is starting to catch up to me.

Various pains in the ball of my foot, joints "popping" at night when I roll around in bed, and plantar fascitis all make me wary as I age -- especially about how to take care of myself well so I can continue to work out and teach fitness class and Spinning.

That being said, I have started to try to listen to my body a little bit more, especially when I'm feeling really bone-weary. So I am still trying to discern when I do not WANT to go to the gym versus when I CANNOT go to the gym. I am still trying to stick to my 'only one day off' mission but there are weeks when two recovery days seem necessary.

Thus, for you, readers, do you take recovery days and what does it mean for you? In the past, recovery days led to me being anxious and wanting to work out desperately but I think I've come to understand my own mortality a bit more and thus, take breaks when I need them--and thus the anxiety is kept at bay.  How abou for you folks out there?  Enthusiasts and instructors alike, I'd love to hear thoughts!




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