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What Burns More Fat – Elliptical or Indoor Cycling?

If you have spent any time at the gym, you have undoubtedly noticed the vast array of cardio machines, from stair climbers to treadmills. Two of the most popular machines in gyms today are the elliptical trainers and indoor cycles. Both of these machines offer great fitness potential when used properly on a regular basis, but at the end of the day, you may still be wondering: What burns more fat: elliptical or indoor cycling?

The Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers first entered the market in the mid-1990s. Devised as a way of achieving the experience and benefits of jogging (but with less stress on the joints), the elliptical quickly became a popular choice for people eager to lose weight and tone muscle. And while the elliptical does have some excellent fat-burning potential, you must be cautious when using this machine. Many users have reported foot, ankle and toe numbness, due to subtle differences between the movement of the elliptical trainer's pedals and the user’s natural joint articulation.

The Indoor Cycle

Indoor cycling is also a hugely popular means of physical fitness, thanks largely to the Spinning® phenomenon. Indoor cycling works all of the leg muscles, while elliptical training—like running—emphasizes the hamstrings more than the quadriceps. Additionally, indoor cycling is extremely safe and poses very little risk of injury when done properly by individuals in good health. Remember to always consult a physician before starting any exercise regimen, cycling or otherwise.

Fat Burning Potential

Elliptical training and indoor cycling both have tremendous fat burning potential, especially when done in regular intervals and accompanied by a healthy diet. Regular exercise is important for people of all ages, but if you’re looking to get the maximum benefit from your workout, consider joining an indoor cycling class with an authorized Spinning® instructor.

Over time, a Spinning® class will enable you to burn more fat and have more fun than working out on an elliptical trainer. Research shows that participants burn more calories and achieve a greater workout in class environments, when coached by an instructor and motivated by fellow classmates. Check out a Spinning® facility today and see what it can do for you.

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