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What Burns More Calories – Running or Indoor Cycling

Running and indoor cycling both offer great potential for losing weight and staying in shape, especially when performed on a regular basis. However, if you are looking for the greatest calorie expenditure, there is no simple answer as to which exercise you should choose. Ultimately, it boils down not to the type of exercise itself, but to the amount of effort that you put forth.

For example, an average-sized person running 5 miles per hour can burn 472 calories over the course of 60 minutes, while that same person can burn 738 calories by running 7.5 miles per hour. It all depends on the amount of effort and exertion. Likewise, an hour-long indoor cycling session can burn a respectable 325 calories when enjoyed at a leisurely pace, or a staggering 738 calories when performed rigorously, according to NutriStrategy.

To complicate matters even more, there are additional factors that impact calorie expenditure. One of the most prominent factors is the weight of the participant. For instance, while a 130-pound person can burn 620 calories after a vigorous indoor cycling session, a 200-pound person can burn almost a thousand calories for the same workout. So in cases like these, it’s impossible to generalize about calorie expenditure.

Nevertheless, research shows that indoor cycling may offer greater benefits that running overall. For example, indoor cycling places far less stress on the joints, and is potentially much safer than a strenuous running regimen. Indoor cycling can even have specific benefits for runners in training. For instance, indoor cycling may be one of the best forms of cross training for runners, because it consistently trains the aerobic base, works a wide variety of muscles in different ways and increases range of motion, according to Helen M. Ryan of Women’s Running.

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