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Dear Spinning® Instructors: You are the eyes and ears of our program. Not all certified instructors read the blogs, forums and newletters provided for free at Not all certified instructors are holding true to this program and seeking continuing education. Not all managers and club owners who have signed a free Licensed Spinning® Facility agreement are holding up their end of the deal. There are those in the field that enjoy using the name of this program to bring people into their facilities because it is such a popular brand name and the general public doesn't necessarily understand the difference between the original brand of indoor cycling (Spinning®) and others that have ridden the coat tails of Johnny G. I hear about the breaking of licensing rules and contraindications all the time from instructors in training, those waiting for positions and those with long term jobs in their home town gyms. There is something to be done about it, but it takes the eyes and ears of those of you that are true to this program. When you see blatant misuse of the brand name of Spinning®, you can email Tony Berlant at Mad Dogg Athletics ( and he can tactfully communicate with an owner or manager and facilitate compliance. How do you know rules are being broken? Check your manual for contraindications and proper use of the trademark in both written and spoken language. If a facility is offering Spinning® on their schedule, instructors teaching those classes are to be JGSI certified, the bikes must say Spinner® on them and the movements used in the classes should be found in the manual. Instructors making up their own positions and their own cadence guidelines are teaching outside the recommendations for the Spinning® program, and that creates a liability for the instructor, the clients and the facility owners. It does everyone a disservice. With your help, we can continue to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and safety.



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