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            If you were to poll your Spinning® students, how many of them, do you think, are primarily road cyclists? MTB enthusiasts?  Cyclo-cross competitors?  Track racers?  Members of outdoor cycling clubs or tour participants?  It’s possible that the percentage would be lower than anticipated.  After all, our students train in class with such enthusiasm they must certainly love to ride, right?

            Perhaps, not.  There is a strong possibility that you will find among your participants folks who simply go to Spinning® class to exercise or to burn calories.  I am willing to be that there are also runners, hikers, paddlers, skaters, swimmers and even walkers among your ranks.  There are those who balance team sports with individual training and those who ride through pregnancy, rehab, and senior years.  Some are competitive, some are recreational and some are totally passionate and committed to their sport of choice yet realize the benefits of Spinning® training enough to include it in their weekly and annual training plans.

            What is it that makes Spinning® training so adaptable to cross-training?  Is it the aerobic/endurance component?  The strengthening potential?  The mental discipline?  The attention to detail?  The group dynamics?  The individual goal-seeking or competitive nature?  Could it be the definition of training zones and the focus on the importance of deliberate, mindful execution?  Is it the exhilaration of maximum effort contrasted with purposefully designed recovery?  Is it the efficiency of both time and energy?

            Whatever it is, it works.  The composite of Spinning® training factors combines to make an effective whole that  is applicable to any of life’s varied endeavors  - athletic, professional or personal.

            It is incumbent upon us, the Instructors, to recognize the range of interests and activities, challenges and burdens, our students are dealing with.  We can adapt our classes to be inclusive of everything and everyone.  As we strive to do so, we will become better teachers and more compassionate individuals.

            Take a few minutes to think about it.  How do you use what you learn in Spinning® class to help you with your other pursuits or simply to get through your day.  Then, please, share your thoughts with all of us.  A significant aspect of our classes and our work is the companionship and sharing among our Spinning® community.  I look forward to hearing more from you!




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