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Use Social Media for Marketing Your Club

Social media is all the buzz lately. People have found love, work, long lost relatives and friends and just keep up with their family through social media. Have you thought about using it for keeping your members and future prospects informed about what goes on at at your club? Using social media puts you and your club in front of more people. Post success stories about weight loss and other good work your business has done. Effective use of social media may drive your ability to attract new clients. Social media makes you real to your clients. You can express the personality of you and your club on-line by sharing more than just your class schedule and other services your club offers. Use social media to create and enhance your identity to your clients and inform others interested in your club. Belonging to the same social network as your clients allows you to reach your clients easily. The popularity of social networks means you get a built-in audience with just a few clicks on your own page. Communicating special events, schedule changes and other announcements is easily accomplished using social media. You can keep your customers informed with last minute changes as well as communicate your future plans. Social media allows for the instant distribution of your communications. If you have pictures, videos or blogs, some of the micro-blogging sites may not be the ideal social media for your club. Some sites allow you to post pictures, blogs, videos and a discussion board. You need to determine your level of involvement with your site and if the benefits of your time are well spent. Social media can be an extension of your club. Use it properly and you can reach more people than you imagined. blog by Ralph Mlady for 2/9/2011



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