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Two Simple Ways to Build Your Music Library

Finding music can be difficult. One of my favorite ways to find new artists is using the internet radio provider Pandora. I just create a new ?station? with either an artist?s name or the title of a song and let it works its magic. Then sit back and listen as Pandora begins to broadcast your own personal radio station. I like that Pandora also allows me to bookmark a song. It places it in my profile where I can later purchase it from iTunes or Amazon without having to write down the song I would like to buy. I like the one-stop shopping it provides. Another tool to help you identify artists that are similar to one of your favorite artists is called music-map ( I?ve just started to play with this site, but it will help you build your music collection by exploring other artists. The closer two artists are, the greater the probability you will like both artists. Give it a try. Both of these tools are free. You can upgrade Pandora to eliminate advertising and also unlock other tools from the site. Either way, both will help you build your library. blog by Ralph Mlady for 4/19/2011



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