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Time off Reignites Passion

The saying that when someone is away, the heart grows fonder is also true for Spinning. Over the years, I have taken time off from teaching Spinning for medical reasons, or for needing more time with family and even to give others a chance to get on the schedule.  

There are the normal fears of getting out of shape, or gaining weight, but there are also some benefits like feeling some freedom from the intensity of planning classes on a weekly basis and being in front of a group when I am not actually feeling like it.

There seems to be a mental process that takes place which can even include a time of mourning if I am away for more than a few weeks. When I truly miss what I had, that is when I know it is time to return to the saddle.

If you are feeling burned out, or that you are tired of teaching, coaching, performing and being everyone else's motivator, maybe it is time for you to step away. Spinning is here to stay, so if you take a few weeks away, it will not disappear while you are recharging your batteries.

Remember that cross training is excellent, so use your free time to explore other modes of fitness and use your muscles in a new way. Spend time listening to new music in your IPOD, so when you are ready to return to teaching, you will have new musical ideas to bring with you. Go for long walks, or do some other types of classes, like step or Zumba. Have fun and you will know when it is time to get back on the schedule.




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