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Thinking Outside the Box: Why Smaller Spinning® Studios Can offer a BIG Advantage

Today I had the honor of presenting at a "boutique" Spinning® studio in central Michigan (please click here for owner Heather's AMAZING story with before & after photos that will blow your mind away! For WSSC 2012 attendees, Heather was the lucky duck who won the raffle for  Josh Taylor's bike from the Champion Ride. Her story is very inspirational & will make you believe in karma, fairy tales, and the goodness of the human heart again:   http://www.skyboxfitness.com).  

Presenting at her studio was a refreshingly wonderful experience and I wanted to highlight the unique advantages offered by smaller and more member focused fitness facilities as opposed to larger "big box" national franchise clubs.

Since I became a Master Instructor in 2005, I've noticed a marked increase in the number of privately owned licensed Spinning® facilities. From a small business and community investment perspective this is encouraging, but it's also invigorating for the fitness community in general since smaller studios tend to be more member and service focused (and pay their instructors more!).

I've decided to write a more detailed Spinning® newsletter article about this relatively recent studio phenomenon, and I've interviewed several facility owners, employees, and participants across the country about their experiences in the various environments of the Spinning® world. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear about your individual perspectives about working in fitness clubs both large and small. Which club format is better? How can fitness club facilities in general improve the overall experience of their dedicated instructors (aside from a pay raise) and their members?  I look forward to your feedback.




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