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The Tortoise Or The Hare?

How many of your Spinning® Students started the year with resolutions that are already fading?

Are some less motivated than they were a few weeks ago?

It’s important to say to your Students that you can only get them ‘so far fit’. If they are with you for just 45 minutes every week, then you can only get them 45 minutes fit. It’s so easy for Students to put us Instructors on a pedestal, and expect us to perform a miracle. Have you ever heard a Student say ‘Spinning® just isn’t working for me anymore’? In other words they are laying blame on you! It’s important to get across to them that ultimately they are in control of how they train and what they eat.

Are you are giving them good advice, designing great profiles that you know will work, and are they putting in the work in between sessions? Also what they are doing when they are not with you may be negatively impacting on their resolve. If you don’t help them change their behaviours, you can’t change their bodies.

We have two minds, a conscious mind that we are aware of, which process approximately 7 pieces of information simultaneously, and an unconscious mind which simultaneously processes billions of chemicals and thought-based signals.

These thoughts are based on past experiences and learning’s and they dictate everything we do. When someone eats a cake even though they want to lose weight, something in their psyche is telling them it’s OK and that they want the pleasure of the cake more than the pain of being overweight.

This won’t change without some reprogramming. The good news is it is easy to change the way you think, the bad news is that it’s just as easy not to change.

Sometimes the fear of change is enough to stop the process before it’s begun. By giving your Students one small change to make, “allowing” them to keep the other behaviours (for now), and asking them to repeat this one small thing again and again, you can desensitise their fear.

As they see and feel the benefits of even one small change, they become open to the next change.  Whilst in reality it would be great if Students took on board all of our advice and made huge changes, for most people this is too much to ask. We should remember the story of the tortoise and the hare…..

Yours in Sport,

Michelle Colvin

International Spinning® Master Instructor (UK)





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