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The Spiral Of Positivity


In Australia Christmas is summer time. Come December the schools finish and do not go back until February. Many businesses close up for at least a few weeks if not for all of January. It is my absolute favourite time of year and has always been since I can ever remember. Long hot days, balmy nights, running and riding in the sunshine.  The smell of BBQ’s, the sound of kids splashing and playing in pools and the relentlessly annoying flies – is summer!  Naturally because a good Australian doesn’t like to work too hard – especially in summertime many of the health clubs and gyms reduce their classes over this period as many people go away.


Regardless of where you live summer or winter, many countries across the world there are end of year celebrations and people acknowledging the year that was.  Reflection is such a valuable source of inspiration and motivation. The ability to assess what we have done and what we want to do. How far we have travelled and how much further we still would like to go. 



For my last class this year I received a gift. It was a very sweet gesture from one of my students.  Totally unnecessary but I was touched by the sentiment. He told me that I had been a great influence to him over the year and he was now doing a summer season of triathlon and racing.  He said that my classes and many of the things that I had said had made lots of sense to him and had supported him into pushing and seeking more from himself and his training.




Even though that is exactly what I would hope for and definitely my intention, when somebody tells you –it is extremely humbling. To know you are just one person and that somehow you could have a positive impact on somebody without even knowing it, I think this is definitely something to cherish, value and never take for granted.


How many times do you teach a class and even though there may be people that are open and vocal with their praise other times that is not the case?

Or the days when you feel as though nobody is listening, or you feel as though you are a broken record and saying the same things over and over? But you carry on because that is what you love and what you do and you hope that there may be somebody who understands your message.


It never ever ceases to amaze me and also give me the absolute thrill and joy to know that the intentions I have in my head to help is in fact what happens in reality.  However what also occurs is that knowing you are having a lasting and positive affect on people gives you even more desire and enthusiasm to continue to do and give more.


This student gave me two books – one with amazing places to visit across the world (we all know how much I love to travel!) and the other a book of illustrations and verses by a popular artist/cartoonist here in Australia.  


So I gave to him and the others in my class – because that is my job. Then he was grateful and gave back to me and now of course I want to give back again.  This is how the spiral begins and I’m not talking about a negative spiral going down but a positive spiral going up.


In the scheme of ‘paying it forward’ everybody continues to repay because they want to say thank you but rather than pay back the person that was kind to you, you are kind to another.  It feels nice to receive but even better to give.


We give to our classes and hope we can make a positive change to their day, their health their fitness, they then say thank you or do kind things in return to show their appreciation. Like with this beautiful book full of inspiring graphics, word and pictures I will share these and hope to inspire, support and motivate other people through my networks. It is likely then that will get passed on from people I know and they will share them to others to do the same.


I am inspired and motivated by people around me each day. The things they say, their behaviours and attitudes towards life and circumstance.  There are some people I just need to think of and I am immediately enthused to do more and seek more. Positivity, generosity and kindness are contagious so even if you cannot buy a gift for every person you know – you can definitely share your kindness.


The ripple effect of positivity is within all of our abilities. Enjoy when you receive it and celebrate when you are blessed to give it.


When we love what we do we want to share it  - so gift wrap your love for the Spinning® program and give that to people for Christmas.


Wishing the worldwide Spinning® family a happy, safe and joyful Christmas week full of laughter, family and friends.









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