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A newly certified instructor recently asked me what she could do to be successful. Since she had already attended orientation and was in the process of studying the manual, I thought the best answer I could give was preparation. She had already had a few experiences leading various portions of other instructor?s classes so I encouraged her to make a list of things she needed to accomplish before her first solo teaching effort. She asked what I would include if I were making such a list. First I?d write down an overview of primary objectives and goals. These are the specific skill areas that I?d want my students to work on during our time together. Secondly, I would proceed to select specific symbols and place them in a logical sequence to create my profile. I would be sure to include the three distinct fitness variables: warm up, workout, and cool down. Music would be the third item on my list. It has many purposes, but I see it primarily as a communication aide. It helps me relay my thoughts on: cadence, resistance usage, rhythm, pace, and time. There are certainly more things I could include on my list, but these three would always be at the top.



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