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The horizontal forearm measurement

huh??? I mentioned on my follow up post that in surveying the clients in a class I subbed last night, no one (no one except my clients who are members at this club) knew how to set up their bikes. No one. The only thing close to confidence that I saw was that three women put their elbow on their seat and their fingertips on the handlebars. Did I miss something in my training? Who does this? The funny thing was that I was doing this with women who don't speak English (or much, anyway)...and I had to gently convince one woman that the setting for the handlebars was more about comfort, so once I got one woman to let me put her bars up, the others shot their hands up for assistance. I said...."did that bother your back before?" After translation it was a resounding YES! Maybe it is time to revisit the setting of handlebars. If anyone has any insight as to where this funny, yet very deliberate measurement, came from, I'd love to know. I would suggest though that having the handlebars as low as the seat is probably not for older, de-conditioned women in their first classes.... thoughts???



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