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Teaching in Jamaica: Part Two

The second half of our stay at Breezes Rio Bueno in Jamaica was even better than the first. The 4th day, the sun came out, the wind stopped and the red flag at the beach was replaced with a green one. I was waiting for the chance to snorkel and scuba dive as that is our primary reason from traveling to the warm waters of the Carribean! My husband and I have obtained up through Rescue Divers certifications by coming to resorts where my only responsibility is to teach for about 3 hours a day leaving the rest of the time for study or play. On Thursday I went snorkeling just off the beach here and it was a bit terrifying with the hundreds of purple sea urchins as they have these very long spindles protruding and have a strong sting. I carefully avoided them on Thursday, but did not have the same focus on Saturday. Two stings I received while trying to warn my spouse to be careful. I lost care of where I was and slammed right into one. But being the sturdy girl I am from years of grinning and baring the bike seats, I continued on and had a great time. Later, the nurse told me to have my husband "pee" on it as the ammonia would heal it, but I passed on that and asked for some First Aid spray. She complied and I was happy it wasn't something to end my days events. Friday, I was able to switch out my Aqua class for a late Yoga class and got away from the resort to scuba dive privately in Runaway Bay. We took two dives, one deep, and one shallow. Both were equally amazing. I did wear a 3mm wet suit as even though the water is 80 degress on top, it is cold down under. There are resort opportunities all over the place. I usually go to Jamaica, even though the travel is rough from California, but there are now resorts in Mexico, Central American and South America that place instructors. I have been through the program eight times in eleven years and as long as you can be somewhat flexible with your classes and with facilities, it is really a good time had by all. Written by Sabrina Fairchild for on Jan. 08, 2011



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