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What a pleasure it is to be able to take someone else?s class! We all remember the days when we would come to class, focus on ourselves, and just get on with it. Now that we are instructors we have precious little time to attend the class of another instructor. We arrive at the classes we are to teach with playlist, profile and class purpose foremost in our minds. We lead, coach, correct, encourage and educate. We sometimes deplete mentally and emotionally before physically and are usually unaware of our own participation in the class other than to demonstrate good form. Though I often have appointments during our facility?s popular class hours, once in awhile I can take advantage of a cancellation and take a class. I have both selfish and unselfish reasons for doing so. Selfishly I want to go to a class, perhaps learn something new or hear something explained differently, and I want to be able to think about ME. I want to hear someone else?s music, observe their teaching style and, mostly, kick a little butt on my own! Unselfishly I want to support my fellow Spinning® instructors. By showing them that I value their classes, I am giving them the gift of my respect as well as my friendship. The more we speak the same language, the easier it is to seamlessly substitute for each other and to unanimously support and sustain our Spinning® program. Class participants like to see other instructors in class. They like the opportunity for camaraderie which does not exist when one is leading a class. They like to see that we, as fellow Enthusiasts, have the same challenges they have. In a perfect world I would choose weekly classes and write them in my date book with as much significance as any other appointment I might enter. Well, it doesn?t always work out that way, but when it does, I?m psyched to be able to get to a class. How about you? Do you take time to organize your weekly schedule and to include some classes for yourself? And what about having another instructor pop into your class? How does that make you feel ? supported or intimidated? Spinning® principles are out there for each of us to use. We add our own touch to our classes in format, music and teaching style. Frankly, some instructors appeal to some participants and some don?t. Hey, that?s why we have different instructors. By making the time to take classes from each of the other instructors at our facility, we can identify each other?s strengths and manner. We can help to make our staff more cohesive, effective and friendly. Perhaps the bottom line here is that it is simply a pleasure to take a class and we deserve that! Blog posted by Linda Freeman for 2-21-2011.



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