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After completing a recent workshop, one of the participants asked me why I ask the students in my Spinning classes to begin the ride without resistance. It was a fair question and certainly deserved an answer. I ask my students to remove resistance twice during the session. One is at the very beginning of class, and the other is just prior to leaving the bike for stretching. Beginning the ride without resistance doesn?t mean warming up without it; it simply means the initial pedal strokes do not have it. I start classes this way for a few reasons: 1: It gives the students an immediate activity to engage in as class begins. Each session is full of goals and objectives. The first objective should be to locate and utilize the most important training tool the bike has to offer. 2: It stimulates the senses. In a short period of time, the students: hear you encourage them to add resistance see you turning your resistance knob (so they initiate a visual-motor response) they touch and turn their resistance knobs 3: It gives instructors a natural way to begin speaking to their classes. The prompts associated with adding resistance should be short, direct, and obvious.



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