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Mark your calendars for Spinning® Experience (SPEX) 2012: October 20 and 21 in Schiedam The Netherlands.

Since 2002 the largest SPINNING® event in Europe: Spinning® Experience. This event is a term in SPINNING® and indoor cycling market with participants from all over Europe, Middle East, North and South America!

Come and join this two day event with one day only workshops and the second day the 6 hour marathon with more than 550 Star Trac Spinner® bikes! Both days are presented by the best in class presenters from the international Spinning Master Instructor team. This year's line-up of our internationally renowned Spinning Master Instructor team includes: Sarah Morelli (UK), Hans Hobbel (NL), Chantal Janssen (NL), Pedro Martins (LUX), Gaby Hoogeveen (NL), Josh Taylor (USA), Frank Smulders (NL) and Peter Pastijn (BEL).

More information please visit: http://www.spinning.com/nl/spinning_experience




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