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Spinning® and ….

Today i’d like to share something about the beauty of combining Spinning® with other activities such as Yoga, Resist-a-Ball, Pilates, stretching,…

I don’t know if it is a universal phenomenon,
but here in Brussels, Belgium, most people either are fans of Yoga,…,  or,  they are into Spinning®. Rare are those who do several of these different activities
on a very regular basis. Moreover, inside a center this often creates totally different communities. Does this sound familiar?

For years i was exactly the same, i never attended Yoga classes and i did not particularly become the biggest
Pilates fan either. I DID understand there was great quality in these classes.
I simply had more ‘fun’ during Spinning® classes or it was more motivating to me.
I guess i liked ‘moving’, sweating or simply cardiovascular exercise.

Over the years i started appreciating the Mind & Soul component of the Spinning® program more and more. This is where i think i met with the overlapping sides between our Program and activities such as Yoga.

Very recently, a Yoga instructor started
attending  classes i teach and she started to really like Spinning®. She even started promoting it to her students as being so complementary to her classes. To my knowledge, she initially joined a lot of the Endurance EZ™ rides, but now she is coming to almost all types of classes and she has really created a change in the club.

Now, quite a lot of her students have started taking Spinning® classes regularly and it is creating  nice dynamics between the two communities that usually spend so little time together. I know it is not at all unique to see these different groups come together, but i DO believe it is still not the norm everywhere and i felt it was time to write about it briefly to recommend
it to all. Get out there and combine Spinning® with some elements of Core training, Yoga, Pilates, Resist a Ball, stretching, meditation, … it’s a guarantee for better Body, Mind & Soul Balance.

Personally i got injured (chronically )about
4 years ago, after a 10 year professional sports carreer, and ever since i have to be very careful with the strain i put my body under. I now love using meditation, yoga, core training as a regular complement to my cardio training, which will probably always remain my first love.

And i notice so well how nice my body feels after a good session of Yoga (intense or not) or stretching. Sometimes i feel i should have started all of this so much sooner to get more balance in my training and body… But i guess we all are somewhat slow in learning in some

Today i am committed to teach this in my Spinning® classes more than ever . Finding the balance in our cardio sessions and from there on finding the balance in our sports activities and the rest of our life.

So this is a short message to all the Cardio & Spinning® fans: Get out there and find the harmony in your
training…. It is worth it!

Talk soon




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