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Small Pieces of Cycling Wisdom - Part 1

Small Pieces of Cycling Wisdom - Part 1


After several years of involvement with cycling, I've learned many things firsthand. Others important, others not so much. Knowledge is not always valuable! Some of these tips, I would like to share them with you the 99-read my favorites and keep what you love ...

1. If you are Mountain Biker put some Road Cycling in the menu, if you are Road Cycling fan do some MTB, this will do you good. One complements the other and both together make you complete rider.

2. Apply some talcum powder inside your tires when installing new tubes.

3. Wash the pads of your helmet every now and then, if you forget them they will smell.

4. Put caps on the knees or ¾ length leggings if the temperature is below 20 º C, do not let your knees exposed to cold.

5. Try to ride with more experienced riders than you, at least once a week.

6. Try to hydrate constantly, and not just before or during exercise.

7. A dirty, unmaintained transmission can be up to 40% less efficient.

8. Beware of hot brake discs!

9. Put static balancing exercises program onto your bike ("trackstand").

10. Do not stop the pedaling until you reach the top of the hill.

11. When the sun is bright, wear sunscreen.

12. The air pressure in the tires and suspension registration varies with temperature.

13. The most obvious improvement on your suspension is in companies manual!

14. At high temperatures, wear sleeveless jersey.

15. Do not wear socks that you clench.

16. Do not wear long socks when riding.

17. The helmet is useless if you do not bother to adjust the straps.

18. Whatever your favorite energy drink, make sure you carry one bottle water with you.

19. Do not wear short gloves for MTB.

20. Do not tighten too much the straps of the gloves, be sure to simply fit.

21. Pay attention to adjusting the Toe clips of your shoes.

22. Put a box with adhesive patches on the inner tube bag with you.

23. Sleep is essential to the recovery of your body.

24. Make at least 20-25 minutes warming up before any tension.

25. Eat before you get hungry and drink before you get thirsty.

26. Prefer aluminum to brass nipples instead.

27. Finishing a strong workout, loose pedal briefly before stopping.

28. Not ashamed to get off the bike and walk if things get really difficult.

29. On descents get out of the saddle and throw your weight behind it.

30. On steep uphills sit as far forward in the saddle as possible and bring your chest down, parallel to the horizontal pipe.

Yours truly,


Evangelos Kastamoulas




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