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Shut Up and Let Me Go

The Ting Tings. Heard that song? Not bad. Shut up and let me go...not a bad message. I had 2 songs this morning and that's what I did. I shut up and let 'em go. Two songs mind you that were 9 and 11 minutes respectively. I said nothing for almost 20 minutes. That's about half of the class! When have you done this lately? Think about it. Riding outside is all about finding your own rhythm to get to your training objectives. Lots of stopping or a lot of chatter in the group can sometimes kill your buzz. Folks who come to my class know it is all about the (individual) coaching that I aim to provide. I want each rider to understand the end game but I also want to give them some freedom to explore their own path. Sure, I lead. But they also get to decide how to follow. So I set these sections up. I tell them ahead of time. I tell them I trust them and have confidence they can train "solo" for "x" amount of minutes. Let 'em go. You can ride too. Watch, Approve. We all know that rhythm is an essential skill to establish in SPINNING. Rhythm sets tone. And rhythm is very personal. You can't force it. It is a translation of music, feel, energy, state of being and overall connectivity. Good coaches set it up. Then let their athletes venture and absorb the skill. Riding the bike for an extended period of time ain't easy. It requires a dedication to the pure art of pedaling. Talking more doesn't mean your class will be better, agree? So go ahead...shut up and let them go. They may just go!



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