For Instructors

Shorter Songs Can Be Better

Music is such a wide open discussion because there are so many variables that make certain choices correct or not. The one suggestion I have for new instructors is to keep your song lengths fairly short. To me, short is between 3:30 and 4:30. I?m sure you wondering why song lengths matter for beginners since genres seem to be what most students care about. Fair enough, let me explain the reasons for my suggestion. Most new instructors travel one of two paths as far as verbal instructions go. Some will talk non-stop throughout the presentation of their classes. They?ll repeat basic instructions and motivational prompts (How are you guys doing!?) over and over again. The second path that new instructors take is the one where they are unsure of what to say or are breathing too hard to verbalize their intentions, so they don?t talk at all. Both of these scenarios are completely understandable. It takes time to be well-rounded instructor. However, shorter song lengths can help with both common mistakes. A shorter time period requires less command of the program vocabulary. Short roads only require an instructor to state the terrain, describe the resistance, and provide one or skill prompts to the participants. In other words, there isn't a lengthy template that will tempt you toward speaking too much. For instructors who have difficulty finding the words, short song lengths allow you to develop a logical script of necessary prompts without overly long gaps without appropriate guidance. Shorter song lengths will allow you to use/develop more natural language until you are more comfortable.



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