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All of my preschool students will be returning next week so I started working on
lesson plans today. As I was scheduling activities for the month of September,
I was constantly making sure each lesson only lasted a few minutes. If they go
on much longer, too many adverse behaviors come out and the time to achieve something
positive will be reduced (or lost). The goal is to have each activity center
relate to the weekly theme. In September, we'll be discussing farms, farm
animals, and apples. I have already organized stories, songs, and crafts that
are designed to enhance each person's understanding of those themes. Some of my
favorites include: Clifford’s Big Day on the Farm, Old MacDonald, and painting
small milk cartons red so the look like barns.

In my mind, the perfect Spinning class has many of the same qualities. Each
activity is short and uncomplicated. They are meaningful in that they only
relate to the primary purpose of the class (improved cardiovascular fitness).
They don't waste my focus or physical energy on useless movements like
push-ups, isolations, or "balancing" with fingertip-only hand positions.
They are repetitive but not overly predictable. Each participant has an
opportunity to engage the activity, practice it, find a challenge in it, and
then move on before it goes on too long. Some of my favorites include:
resistance loading, cadence building, and Jumps on a Hill.

Yes, preschool and a good Spinning class have many similar qualities.




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