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Short and Ugly

Long slow duration will not make you more fit right now. Read that again. Is that you? This is the time of year to go less time but specific intensity. I blogged last week about how to transition through this time of year. Now we talk specifically about what to do and when to do it. Minus the weight training. This is all bike now. I will guide you through a typical week. Start this now or start it after you feel like you have established a good base of endurance and are at a point where you need to get a bit faster or more powerful. I have included what days to lift weights but did not give specifics, that can come later. But pay attention to the description of the strength and conditioning (S/C) Rx. Monday - 10 min. at 75%, 5 min. at 80%, 3 min. at 85%. S/C should be heavy (yep, not a noodle recovery like you'd think). Tuesday - Hard race pace intervals lasting no more than 60 seconds. Go 8 sets with 2 min. rest between. Skill day on S/C. Wednesday - Longer at/near threshold efforts. Go 8 min. on, 5 min. off at just below TT pace. Stay in the same gear but make it a large gear that you can hold at 88-95 rpm. Do 2-3 of these pending your level of fitness. No S/C Thursday - Hill intervals. My famous 30-90s. 3 sets of these will do it. S/C is another day of upper body work and light squats or deadlifts. Friday - No riding. Overall body day on S/C. Saturday - Group ride of 2 hours that has some hard jumps and a few climbs. Open up your legs and lungs but don't burn the whole time. No S/C. Sunday - Race! Or group ride that is race pace. Total ride time is not that much. It doesn't need to be now. Recover more, eat smart and train hard. Then become a beast from June - September.



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