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Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 3

Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 3

We are again here after 200,300,400km accomplished successfully.
The Last Target before France 600km!!!The most adventurous and tricky as you will see!

This Brevet is Simulation of France with enough altitude and night riding.
Personally I was going to give it all to make it though after 3 previous good performances psychology was elevated and maybe this was my mistake because I overestimated myself.
So we started at night as the sun was rising and slowly slowly the moon was taking over. No more than 50 brave cyclists. The night will find us almost altogether riding along.

A large group of 10-15 people in front and others smaller behind. One check after another went passing until the town where there was a great stop for coffee, tea and even more. I will never forget the image where someone had flat tire and we stopped to assist him. At 3 or 4 o’clock, I do not remember well the time and with some difficulty we could kept our eyes open. The experts were sleeping for sometime sideways of the road. Most experienced were sleeping like they had on off switch, really unbelievable. Sincerely I was jealous...

At this time if I remember well some people were trying to fix the tire, others lost in the forests for their need and others sideways of sleeping. Some cars were passing every now and then and were watching us like aliens ... So funny ...
The sun began to rise and the blood was warming. The first 200 km were traveled, and the hills in Lemon Grove were approaching.
Some like me we had dressed too heavy for the cold night and as the thermometer was rising in the morning we started getting really hot .Of limited space on us to unload spare clothes. As usually I raise my pace along the ride with the usual suspects Stephen until we arrived in Thermissia fast enough.
The truth at that time we were not in very good condition and by far gap with the others although it did not matter. So we rest a little and we were offered and some traditional sweets.
The custard truly unique and I honored her appropriately. Mild and refreshing drinks and I was ready for the return trip.
Almost after 30km I started to feel strange. Stomach pain, terrible heat and losing constantly my strengths. I was a strange fatigue, maybe custard bother me, maybe I overestimated my powers or altogether. No one knows.
After all that my Golgotha begun. My forces slowly starting to drop and the heat to become more and more stifling. Poor Stephen was trying to help me but still we had a long way and I did not like to hold him back and in my state I did not know until where I could ride.

So set hit loose and I tried to pull myself back to make it alone. I had 30km left until the next check but any second seemed to me centuries and I don’t discuss about climbs that there I was gasping to make it. After a certain point I could not stand and I was sick to the point that every 500 meters puzzling on the roadside and sitting in the shade trying to recover a bit. But nothing... With the stomach pain I could not drink water, so after a time I was dehydrated also. And time after time as you understand the situation was becoming unbearable. At one stage I remember two girls throwing me water and asking me if I'm okay. After this labors and sufferings I manage to get to the check of Nafplio dehydrated and exhausted with terrible stomach pains.

At this point I decided that I cannot continue anymore and I had to go to the hospital because something was not working well for me. The big dream at that time was blurring and the only thing that mattered at this point was to go home and calm down because the pain was really unbearable.
What keeps me somewhat upright was the voice of my girlfriend on the phone who encouraged me and told me to put it down and maybe something transient. The truth was that I had time to calm down and rest as I had saved many hours of my fast pace and I had to cover only 150km more.

Last thing I will say to you until next Part...
The ambulance took me at the hospital and the doctors started one exam after another to see what was happening....Really bizarre case they were saying but they were really proud and trying to elevate my Esteem...

But what really happened and how things changed for me, you will know in my next Blog...


The Story Continues ...
MI Evangelos Kastamoulas
Codename:The MileEater








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