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might have been hallucinating?but maybe not. Believe me or don?t, but today I had a conversation with the road. I thought I wouldn?t tell anyone, but I figure in the spirit of blogging, you should know ? today I got some wisdom from the blacktop. My friend, the doctor, is training for the New Zealand Ironman. 5 weeks out. She is about to taper, but is still going strong and I?m nowhere near her league. I?m just lucky because she can?t find anyone else to train with and I?m just dumb enough to put my hand up. First I swam for 45 minutes, from 6 to 6:45, then I got dressed and I?d say, after dropping our swim gear at our houses, we were on the road by 7:30. 110K here we come! (what is that, about 65 to 70miles?) We talked on the way out, holding about 17mph on our mtn bikes, but she wanted to pick it up on the second half. For 30 miles, I had to fight for each pedal stroke. 30 miles. I know if you are cyclist, this isn?t hugely impressing you ? we have no hills here ? flat flat flat ? But with a strong head-wind.. and sometimes a frustrating side wind? concentration was all I had going for me. She gave the green light to draft, but it scares the bajeepers out of me, so I had to sink into a mesmerizing rhythm just to pass the time?and as you know from Spinning® that rhythm release is a magical thing. I started out thinking how lucky I am, rather than focusing on what a push this was for me. Me: I?m lucky. Road: You are lucky. Me: I?m sorry, you said something? Road: Thank you for coming out this far today. I know you are tired, but this isn?t beyond you. Me: Thank you for having me ? it is hard for me today. Road: What is hard for you? Me: Trying to keep up, but I figure it is easier to keep up than to catch up. Road: You are right. Relax. You?re too tense. You?re wasting all your energy in your shoulders and hands. Even your face is tense. Relax. Me: Thank you. I am lucky. I am lucky to be strong. I am strong. I am strong. Road: Why do you coach your Spinning® classes to include an even pedal stroke, but you only mash down on the road? Even out your pedal stroke, pushing and pulling ? Adjust your gears. Efficient. Relaxed. Reaching. Me: I am strong. I don?t need to be stronger: I need to be efficient. I am efficient so I am relaxed. I am relaxed. And so the road coached me. I know ? commit me now. It was exhilarating. She was able to talk, but I was pretty all out at that point and she let me just be silent to concentrate on the work at hand. On and on we rolled ? my eyes fixed on her feet, ?one two, one two, one two?? Breathing?relaxing? ?until the ultimate practical joke from my old pal the road. She ran over a pile of Cow poop, which splashed across my face. Rhythm release out the window?I burst out laughing and the last 2 miles home to my house were simply just fun?. I am lucky. I am strong. I am relaxed. How do I bring that into the studio? I?ll have to work on it because I don?t think my clients will appreciate being splatted with cow dung at the end of the class...but it was the best thing that happened to me today!



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