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Repetition and Good Form

I was watching a program about a college quarterback and his quest to be drafted in the NFL. He had been projected to go relatively late round draft pick. Some critics complained that he started his throwing motion way too low which gives NFL safeties the opportunity to make an adjustment on their coverage and intercept more of his passes. The young quarterback took all of this in stride. He took his own fate into his hands and hired a coach to work on his throwing motion. The coaches analyzed video of his throwing motion and made corrections. I found one statement that really stood out. The coach was commenting on how they were going to correct his throwing motion and stated that it will take several thousand repetitions to build his muscle memory and make the movement instinctive. So what does the NFL have to do with cycling? Nothing, but the coaches statement strikes so true to our new students. Most of new students do not have the repetitions to perfect their movements on the bike. By creating profiles that develop the basic skills provides the new student with the opportunity to develop their neuromuscular pathways. With enough practice, they will ride with perfect form. As a coach, we need to reinforce correct from and correct form breaks. Developing proper neuromuscular pathways will avoid the need for correcting bad form over thousands of repetitions. Coach good form so your student ride instinctively. Although football and cycling really have nothing in common, good coaching is universal. blog by Ralph Mlady for



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