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Rejuvinate Your Spin Program for Only $30

I have run an experiment on our members who take cycle classes at my gym. I started bringing in my bike set up tool that I got from Josh Taylor, the designer for the new tool sold by Mad Dogg Athletics. There are always new students in classes, and sometimes it is hard to get everyone set up quickly and efficiently. This tool makes it so much more efficient and leaves no room for error. What the tool does is give a physical and visual check for the degree of angle necessary on the knee when the leg is extended while sitting on the bike seat. It is so profound that after setting up one new rider, several veteran riders demanded I use it on them to check that they were correctly set up. After doing this in just two classes, I was able to convince the manager at my gym to purchase one for the bike room. She is in the process of doing that and has asked for a meeting with all the cycling instructors to go over using the tool in our classes. I am really excited that this $30 tool has the potential to make our program safer and give it more credibility. The tool comes with a great poster that takes the instructor through the required steps for successful use of the tool. When used correctly, it cuts out the chance of setting someone up too high or too low. The Bike Set Up Tool can be ordered through Mad Dogg Athletics. One is all you need to outfit the Spinning® studio. What a great, affordable, gift for your staff!



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