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Recover over the Holidays

If you are addicted to your exercise routine, or favorite classes, the holiday season is a good time to reduce your training. It is sign of overtraining when you give up social time in order to get in one more workout at the gym, or you feel ashamed of yourself if you miss a workout in order to fit in some family time.

Athletes and enthusiasts alike need time away from intense physical activity in order for both the body and the mind to rest and recover. During the holiday season, there are so many demands on your time, it is certainly more mentally comforting to decide to decrease the amount of time you will train in order to attend family gatherings and take those once a year trips.

It does not do you any good to feel guilty or upset if you back off on your training or strict dietary habits in order to spend time with friends and family. You can always get back to training after a couple of weeks, but your friends and family may be scattered all over the country, state or world for that matter and time with them cannot be made up as easily.

Give yourself a break and decide to use this time as a recovery period. When the holiday season is over, you will be more than ready to dive back into your fitness and diet routines.




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