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Purge Your Kitchen

The holidays are over and it is time not just to take down the decorations, but to purge the kitchen of the sugary, chocolatey, flourary leftovers. If you are not the type who can put delectable food items into the freezer until an appropriate future time like Valentines Day, then you must become a charitable contributor to the local food closet.

The problem with having starch filled, sugary sweets within reach is that once in your system, they start taking control and calling out your name on a daily basis. Lean protein and fresh vegetables do not have the same intoxicating effect that an innocent looking piece of Fudge, or Divinity can have. At first bite, you might think, "Wow, that is too sweet. One piece is enough." However, it rarely turns out that way in the end. You somehow forget that first reaction and after a few more pieces, you are hooked.

For your own good and that of the others in your household, you must be strong and rid your kitchen of the items that would cause you to reverse the dedicated work you put into your nutrition and fitness plan in the months leading up to the holidays. Remember how good it feels to have a clean body that craves foods that fuel it for your favorite workout sessions.

Grab yourself a paper bag and go through every drawer, nook and cranny in your kitchen and pantry looking for any foods that are not part of your daily eating plan and place them in the bag. Write the address and phone number of the local food closet on the bag and place it in your car so that next time you run errands, you can drop off the bag. Once accomplished, you will feel a sense of relief as well as pride.




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